Sunday, August 17, 2008


After playing around with the layout code and the header a little bit, a present to you a new and improved header for my blog! Yay! I like it a lot; it's much more interesting than the old one. Thank you wordle!
When I was going through the surveys I've gotten so far for my contest, the bland header was a main thing that most people commented on, and I had to agree with them. It was kind of boring and not fun.
If you guys could let me know what you think of the new one, that would be awesome! Love it, hate it, somewhere in between? I just want to know if it was worth my trouble. :) Thanks so much!


  1. I love it! It's a really great new header!

  2. ohh i do love it. you made a fun fun, uniqe header!!!


  3. That is definitely unique and interesting.. LOVE IT!

  4. ooh, that is definitely very cute!!

  5. I like it alot! I was one who was thinking your past header was blah, but no more! It gives it just enough spunk without copying all the other bookshelves with converse shoes, etc. Just what the book lover ordered, more words!


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