Saturday, March 8, 2008

Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz

In the second book of the Blue Bloods series, Schuyler Van Alen is trying to figure out the mystery of the Silver Bloods. When her grandfather comes back to New York after a self-professed exile, Schuyler's world starts changing. Her grandfather is teaching her many skills and techniques that only grown vampires know and the effort is taking a toll. She has to take a human familiar so that she can regain strength and doesn't end up in a coma like her mother. But who will be her familiar? And then a new student comes to Duchesne and no one knows much about him. He's a trouble maker and very self confident, but is there more to this new guy than what everyone thinks? All of these things are just making Schuyler's life as a half-blood vampire more difficult. She's going to have to put her self to the test when a Silver Blood attack rocks the committee and someone is wrongly convicted. Will Schuyler be able save the committee and ultimately someone's life?

Eek! This is yet another vampire series that I've fallen in love with. There are just so many good vampire books out there and this one is definitely not an exception. One of the things that I like is Melissa De La Cruz's writing style; it flows really nicely. I also like how she gets so in depth with the characters. It's got to be hard to make up all the past lives of the characters because they have lived since the beginning of time and are just reincarnate. I like how all their back stories weave together. I also like the idea of the blood bond between two vampires. It creates drama and struggle which is always a great element in a story. And I think my favorite thing about this book would have to be the imagery. When Schuyler and Oliver go to Venice, you can really picture the canals and streets; and then when Mimi had the party I loved the description of the old synagogue with the broken beams and tealights. It sounded so magical and I could really see it in my mind which I loved. My other favorite thing would have to be Schuyler. I just like her character so much. She's always super modest even when she's getting a ton of attention and that is always an attractive trait in a person. She is definitely not egocentric. So, as you can see, I am totally devoted to the Blue Bloods series. I would highly recommend this book to everyone and am eagerly awaiting the sequel Revelations, coming in the fall!


  1. ooh, i love the blue bloods series too! but i havent gotten a chance to read masquerade yet

  2. this is an awesome series! one of my favs! i can't wait for the new one! i think it is called revelations?

  3. yeah, it's called revelations. I'm super excited for it!

  4. Ooh, I just bought Blue Bloods -- can't wait to read both of these.

    And I added you to my blog-roll. Thanks for asking; I have you subscribed under Google Reader, but I rarely update my links unless asked! I'm very forgetful. :)


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