Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Mutating Meme

I've been memed yet again by Book~Adorer!

The Rules:
1. Copy and paste the questions, then fill in your answers. Post this on your blog, livejournal, etc. There’s a catch, though. You have to change/add a question from the meme you were tagged with.
2. Post the rules.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag 3 people, by commenting on their blog.
5. Link back to the original (you can visit it here) to see how much it has mutated.

Now to the questions:
1.) If you were writing a book, what would your lead characters name be?
Oooh. That's hard. Probably Leah or Maddie. I kind of like the cute and simple names. And then for a guy, I'd choose Noah.
2.) What is your least favorite food?
Any kind of bean. Except for garbanzo beans. Those are good. I am especially disgusted by baked beans even though I don't think I've ever eaten them. There's just something so wrong about putting any veggie in nasty brown sauce. Ick.
3.) Are there any songs that get stuck in your head really easily?
Oh my gosh yes. Any song with a really simple melody and stupid words, I'll inevitably get stuck in my head. And then I'm humming it for the rest of the day! It's so annoying!
4.) If you could be (or are) a mythical creature, what would it be (or what are you)?
Hmmm. I think that I would like to be a shape-shifter because then you can take on all sorts of disguises and be whatever you want to be.
5.) What do colors taste like?
What a good question. I think colors taste like what you kind of perceive them as. Like brown tastes warm and thick and yellow tastes light and airy. It would be so cool to taste colors!
6.) Which Disney princess is your favorite?
Aack! That's so hard! I really like Belle because she sings all those cool songs and is a bookworm. But I also like Mulan. I don't think she's technically a princess though.
7.) What kind of toothpaste do you use?
I use that all natural stuff.
8.) If you could chose one superpower, what would it be?I
I would want to fly. I think it would be so cool to see everything from a bird's eye view!

Now then, I tag Em, Harmony, and The Magic Of Ink Girls. Have fun!

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  1. Two things.
    1) I just found your review site and I LOVE it! It's really well-written, and I agree with alot of your opinions on the books that I've read.
    2) I'm writing a story/novel, and the guy's name is Noah. I had to comment on that. :D


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