Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's OVER (#30)

BEDA is over. It's officially done/moot/complete.

And can I just say, THANK GOD.

I think people basically hate my blog now due to how much crap I posted this month. I read only 6 books so that means that there were 24 other completely random and meaningless posts. But thankfully people were able to ignore those posts and only comment on the ones that actually had substance. Or at least, that's what I'm concluding because all of the stupid posts had pretty much zero comments. So I commend your intellect. Good job readers.

Some stats:

Pageviews = 3,580

Visits = 2,248

Most viewed post = "I looove You Iowa (#3)" (which I think is pretty much because Steph linked to it and all of her bajillions of readers clickied on it)

Most searched keyword that brought people here = "Liv's Reviews" which makes me happy! People are actually wanting to find me! :)

Fun = I posted about Sara Kadefors' soon to be released book back in March, which was originally published in Sweden, and I got an abnormal number of visits from Sweden this month and three comments on that post from Swedes who think that the American version of the book is going to suck because they took out all the "dirty" sex stuff. I just kinda liked that.

Disappointment = Didn't reach my 150 follower goal, which is not surprising. But thank you to all my current followers!

And basically, I'm just super relieved that this is all over. From now on, I'm going to try to stick to a little schedule.

Monday - Review
Tuesday -
Wednesday - Waiting on Wednesday/Bits 'n Pieces, switch every other week
Thursday - Weekly Randomness
Friday - Review
Saturday - Booking Through Thursday/Saturday
Sunday - Pictures

So hopefully six posts a week which isn't even a full guarantee because I haven't read eight books in a month ever, this year. But we shall see. I like the idea of some sort of structure.

And that is all from me. Thanks for sticking with me this month, through all of my random horrible-ness. My apologies.


  1. I really enjoyed your posts this month! You are full of creativity! And keeping a schedule really works for me too! P.S. I'm totally going to the Warehouse Sale.... oh nooos!

  2. You have 116, you're really close!!


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