Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is a day for the books...

I hope you all watched the inauguration. Or at least caught the highlights online after you got home from school. Because today is history. Whether you're a democrat or a republican, you have to realize that the stuff that happened today is bigger than parties. Today was about coming together as a nation. To have our first black president moving into a house built on the backs of slaves is amazing. It shows how much our nation has moved forward. 
While watching the swearing-in and speech on the big screen at school, I started crying. I feel so lucky to be able to live through a moment in history such as this. It's truly monumental. What other changes and advancements am I going to be able to experience? 
And when you saw those wide shots of the whole national mall packed with over a million people, you couldn't help but be awed, right? Gosh. I really wish I could've been there to experience the electricity and hope that must've been running through the crowd. 
The best part is that I think he's going to do a great job. 
So in honor of this day, go Obama yourself. :)


Pour your heart out. :)