Thursday, June 11, 2009

List #1 - Summer Camp

8 reasons why I still go to summer camp:

1. I'm not actually a camper - I'm a junior counselor so I get to feel all big and important.

2. It's only for a month AND it's not one of those crazy overnight camps. Just a day thing.

3. The hour long bus ride there and back every day provides for some marvelous reading/sleeping time.

4. It looks good on college applications and resumes of any kind. Think about it. I'm a stereotypical nerd girl but here I am volunteering to tote around kids in the woods for a month. I am quite the well-rounded individual. Hire me/accept me/give me scholarships.

5. I get paid next year for five weeks. And it's not bad pay either. I am in desperate need of the money so volunteering this year gets me in the good graces of the people in charge of deciding next year's staff.

6. I get free food. We have cook-outs once a week and I don't have to contribute in any way. I show up and I get fed pizza-dillas, hunsies, smores, and tacos. Yum.

7. Little kids don't have to know anything about you to love you. I get a little boost of self confidence every day when all my campers scream my name when they see me. What's not to like about that?

8. It gets me away from my hectic city life. I tromp around in the woods rain or shine. There are horses, a climbing wall, an algae-filled lake, and lots and lots of mosquitoes. It makes me feel like I'm not so much of an out of touch city slicker. Yeah, maybe I am, but I'm pretty good at deluding myself.


  1. I went to camp as a kid. And now I'm back as a counselor. It really is amazing. I love the kids, and being out in nature. Go camp! :]

  2. I am such a nerd. When I say this on my blogroll, I thought "list! I love lists! im so excited to read this list" hah im lame. i know.

    but anyway, that sounds like such a sweet gig. I'm insanely jealous.

  3. I never went to camp. You make it sound pretty awesome though haha. ;D

  4. I never went to camp either. It was sorta one of my worst nightmares (I was an odd child deathly afraid of insects), but I'd love to be a camp counselor.


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