Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NYC - a list and pictures

More pictures here.

10 things I did in NYC:

1. Bought just two books at The Strand. are u 4 real? by Sara Kadefors and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by...some guy and Jane Austen.

2. Explored this cute store and came out with my first pair of jeans that cost over $50. My my. They're pretty beautiful though so it was money well spent.

3. Also went to the Levi's store because I don't think you're a real American until you have a pair of Levi's. Mine are khakis so they don't have the little V on the butt pocket or anything but I love them all the same.

4. Walked through China Town. It was so weird because one block is normal and the next is an entirely different cultural group. Just like that. Had some great wanton soup there.

5. Took the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island and back just to float by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I fell in love with the orange color scheme of the boat.

6. Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have the prettiest rooftop sculpture garden there which looks out over Central Park and all of southern Manhattan.

7. Walked over to the New York Public Library. Why can't all libraries be like that one? The reading rooms and the shelves and the tables andtheandtheandthe. Gah. So gorgeous and scholarly.

8. Felt like I was sort of at the center of the world at Times Square. Seriously. It's so loud and bustling and commercial.

9. Saw Wicked on Broadway. I saw a musical on Broadway. We had second row seats off to the side which only limited the view a teensy bit and still let us see everything super close off. I loved it so much.

10. Explored Yale University. We walked by the Skull and Bones tomb and saw all of the beautiful old buildings. It's a cute little town and a really nice campus. To think that I was just nonchalantly strolling the streets of one of the most prestigious universities in the world...yikes.


  1. wow! You sure got to do a lot more on your trip than i did, how fun!

  2. I am so jealous. I reallllly want to go to NY!

  3. Agree with Alea, Wow! I barely did anything when I was there compared to you.

  4. You look so cute in the picture up there. Sounds like you've gone to a lot of places in NYC, fun wasn't it? I couldn't believe you only bought two books from Strand. I'd like...bring half of the store home if I could :D

  5. Those are some great pictures, and the jeans from that store look absolutley gorgeous! I'm hoping to get to go to NYC this summer, so fingers crossed. Also Yale sounds amazing..is it somewhere you want to go?

  6. You saw Wicked!!!! I am so jealous. You make me miss NYC so badly! And that picture of the Statue of Liberty....it's gorgeous. Wow. Postcard-perfect indeed!

  7. That sounds like so much fun! Maybe I'll get to go someday. :P


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