Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Host Tour

So today was the day that Stephenie Meyer's newest book The Host was released and to kick off her tour, her first stop was at the Mall Of America in the Twin Cities, Minnesota-where I live. You can imagine how excited I was that she was coming. Also, all the other places that she's going are ticketed except for this one and so I was expecting quite a huge crowd.

(The lines)

And of course, I was right to expect that. They officially started lining people up at 8 AM, which means that a ton of people were ahead of us even after I had gone there straight from school and got there about two hours early. By the time we got there, the roped off line sections were almost full, but thankfully we got a spot in front of the stage. There were a bunch of people that came after us and had to be lined up down the halls of stores. It was really full.

(All the people!)

And finally Stephenie came out at around six to a crowd of screaming fans. She spoke for about fifteen minutes, answering some of the questions people who got there early had submitted. She talked about everything from her inspiration for the story, to the Twilight movie, to her family. She had to keep it brief though so she could actually sign all our books before the mall closed!


And here's my funny story: I went to the signing with my cousin who has a small baby and so after we had waited in line for about a half an hour into the signing, a guy who was doing management for the event pulled us out of line and let us budge everyone! So I got to get my book signed pretty quickly and my baby cousin got to come up with me. So I thought that was a pretty cool thing. At least we didn't have to wait in line super long!

(Stephenie signing books)

So, overall, the whole book signing event was very fun and I think the excitement of the atmosphere was one of the things that made it the most memorable. It's a once in a life time experience to be able to see such a high-profile author! There were people there with homemade shirts for Twilight and the Host and most surprisingly there was even a guy or two. :) I am now reading The Host and I hope to get a review up soon!

(Sideways view of my book)


  1. I have always wanted to go to an author event, but I live in a very small hicktown in Michigan and you have to go about an hour to get to the nearest one and they're always on school nights so I can never go. :(

    That looks like SO MUCH fun though, Liv. That was cool that you got bumped in the line! :)


  2. Wow Liv, sounds like you had a great time! Did you have your picture taken with Stephenie?


  3. I actually didn't have my picture taken with her because photos weren't allowed during the autographing in order to keep the line moving. I really wished I could have though!

  4. I cant lie, I'm so jealous =] You are a very lucky person =]


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