Monday, May 26, 2008

How To Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, and Lauren Myracle

Vicks and Jesse have the kind of friendship that others would kill for. That is, until Jesse finds out her mom has cancer. She doesn’t know how to tell Vicks and that forces a huge, uncomfortable aspect into their relationship. And when Jesse decides to plan a road trip as some quality bonding time for her and Vicks, the new girl, Mel, who’s working at the Waffle House with them, inexplicably joins in. A road trip with three girls who are all completely different doesn’t seem like such a good thing does it? While they’re on the road there are fights, laughs, break-ups, cry fests, mangoes, alligators (both dead and alive), and ducks. And what does that all add up to? A completely hilarious tale of how three girls who thought they would never be able to make it work, get to know each other on a new level that bonds them in ways none of them ever expected.

I loved this book so much. What’s interesting is that I read this right after Becoming Chloe and they both include road trips. The difference is that one trip is about going place and finding things and the other one is not so much about going places, but about the bonds that you make on the road. Truthfully, I think you need some of both so I’m glad that this book had that. While Vicks, Jesse, and Mel didn’t see such hugely impressive things as Jordy and Chloe did, I think they had the same amount of fun, because they learned about themselves and enjoyed it as they were doing it. And really, who wouldn’t want to see the world’s smallest police station, or the coral palace, or even the stuffed alligator Old Joe? I think that would be pretty sweet. The thing I liked about this book the most was that it was written in alternating points of view and that it was by three different authors. That way, each writer was able to fully get into their role and create some pretty amazing and memorable characters. I also liked that we got to see all the sides of everyone. No one was exempt from acting dumb or immature, but still, each person had her moment of shining glory also. The other thing I liked about How To Be Bad was that it was completely and utterly hilarious. It had its serious and touching moments but I think I never read more than five pages without laughing out loud. And so even though this book was about fleshing out relationships, it was also about having fun doing that. And yes, I would highly recommend How To Be Bad as one of the best, most funny, and deeply touching book you will read all summer. And if you want to find out which “bad” girl you are, go here. And my results are:
Jesse! A good girl through and through, you have strong ideals and convictions, and sometimes get frustrated when others don’t understand them. But, you’re also the one with the ideas (road trip, anyone?!), and your friends love you for that. You might not take life’s little setbacks lightly, but you know how to get things done—and still manage to have a little fun along the way. That’s right: Underneath it all, you love a good laugh just as much as the next girl!


  1. eek, i cannot wait to read this one

  2. I loved, loved this book. and I was Mel when I took the test. I love book quizzes. :-)


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