Sunday, April 13, 2008

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

This sequel to the City of Bones, sweeps you away and keeps on powering full speed ahead for the whole book. This time, Valentine, Clary and Jace's father, has stolen the Soul-Sword and is killing downworlder children to unleash the sword's full power. Relationships among Clary's closest friends are becoming strained as well. With Simon, Clary best friend whom she's known all her life, suddenly becoming something more than a friend, and with Clary hiding her true feelings, things are bound to get ugly. Add that to a whole bunch of evil, maniacal rampages, and you've got trouble. And then when Jace is suspected for treason and Simon is kidnapped, Clary doesn't know who she can turn to anymore. Will she be able to sort out her feelings and save the two people who mean the most to her in her life?

I had been dying to read this book for so long. I read City of Bones a while ago and immediately fell in love with this series. Thankfully, all my hopes were met and the next book in the series delivered. I normally don't read a ton of fast-paced action and magic books but the premises of the Mortal Instruments series isn't all about that. It also explores relationships between parents and children, brothers and sisters, and family friends. There's a whole network of intricate connections that's built into the story so that even through all the action, it still gives you something to think about. I think after reading two books that followed the same characters, I've really developed an understanding of all of them. I know what they've gone through in the books so I can kind of see what's driving them as they make the decisions they do. It was a really cool thing to be able to see all of that play out. I also liked reading about Clary and Jace's relationship. I just wish that there was some kind of mistake about their parentage, although I think that perhaps something along those lines was hinted at at points in the book. I'm really hoping that Clary and Jace can find some way to make it work because if they do, I think that they would be in the running for one of my favorite fictional couples. :P I have two miniscule complaints though. One of them being that I wish that there had been some sort of debriefer on the previous book. I did read City of Bones a while ago so I wasn't clear on all of the details so it would have been nice to be caught up a little bit. Also, there are just so many instinces of unrequited love and I was hoping that one couple in the book wouldn't have any trouble in their relationship. I was hoping for a teensy bit of happiness! I do admit though, that having all the drama of the relationships that don't work out does add to the fun of the story, so that's not a huge let-down. Other than those things, this book was truly amazing. It completely swept me away and kept me captivated throughout the whole book. I really, couldn't have asked for anything more. The Mortal Instruments series is a definite must-read, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next book City of Glass.


  1. i love these books cant wait to read this one. would you also link to my blog if its not to much of a hasle for you?

  2. have no cbox. :( I do want to read this series however.


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