Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Final Warning by James Patterson

Max, along with the rest of the flock, is off on a new mission to stop global warming. They're down in Antarctica working with some pretty cool scientists and learning tons of new and mind blowing things about how fast our planet is moving towards destruction. But living as avian-human mutants isn't all fun and games. They have to continually be on their guard and for good reason. Soon, they're captured and brought to a new big and bad guy who wants to use their powers and skills for his own gain. But if you think that Max is going to let that happen, you're so wrong. As always, she finds a way to finagle herself out of tough situation after tough situation and she manages to do it all with attitude, sass, and is still able to prove that she is anything but human.

As with any other Maximum Ride book, the story was written very well and even if there were parts of it I didn't like so much, I was still turning pages as fast as I could. The whole idea of the series is really creative and you can't help rooting along with Max and the flock as they tackle a numerous amount of obstacles. There always is some new twist that gets thrown in. But as a fan of the all the Maximum Ride books, I do have some legitimate complaining to do. First of all, I was hoping for a little more action between Fang and Max with their love life. I've been waiting through all the books for something to happen with them, and still nothing did, which was kind of disappointing. Another thing was that the whole focus on global warming seemed a little cheesy to me. We all do know that global warming is bad and we need to do something but I didn't really want to read a whole book about it when none of the other books in the series had been related to that. And the last thing is is that I think that the events in the stories are starting to get a little repetitive. It's always bad guy after bad guy, miraculous escape after miraculous escape, that I feel like I know exactly what's going to happen. But that's just some of my nit-picking. Really though, the book is good. It's just as action packed as the others, but I just felt that I had to do a little bit of complaining for once. Other than those things, this book is full of laughs, suspense, and all around fun. So, I would highly recommend the whole Maximum Ride series for an exciting, page-turning story about extremely unique characters.


  1. This was definitely my least favorite in the series. Like you I felt that I knew what was going to happen if anything bad was after them. And I didn't understand why the Flock kept discovering new skills and never put them to use. Plus with the Max/Fang relationship, the story seemed unfinished, and yet I was almost glad when it was over.

  2. is this out yet?? i'm not sure if i should go buy it if it is...i might, just to go with my maximum ride collection....or i guess i'll just check it out from the library if it's not worth it

  3. I got it from the library, but I think I'll buy it when it comes out in paperback just so I can own the whole series.

  4. I am really scared to actually read this, because the Amazon reviews are basically horrible... and plus I thought the series was over with the third. I might read it, though... depending on whether I'll have easy access to it or not.

    Te amo,

  5. Completely agree. The first, in my opinion, was the best.


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