Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is Not Finishing a Book a Crime?

I have always tried my hardest to finish books that I start, so I'm feeling pretty bad that I had to quit reading Running Man by Michael Gerard Bauer. It was the kind of book that requires a lot of thinking and analyzing, and I'm sure it's a great book, I just wasn't in the mood for anything that required my brain to do much else other than read. To make it worse, I got that book for free! Eek! I'm wondering if any of you guys will quit a book, and for what reason. What reason is plausible? Or do you always finish your books?

I'll try to get another review up soon!


  1. I don't finish a book if it doesn't keep my interest... and that's usually if I'm busy, or just not feeling it.

    I don't stop in the middle of a book very often, though. I've probably done it two or three times in the past two years or so...

    But don't worry, it's not a crime =P I understand perfectly.

    Te amo,

  2. I generally try to finish a book unless I find it way too slow or completely uninteresting. Recently I almost put down David Clement-Davies' The Telling Pool (the end turned out better though), and I DID put down The Courtesan's Daughter about 3/4 of the way through because I realized I just didn't care any more.

    Putting down books isn't a crime at all. :-)

  3. I try to finish all of the books I start but there have been a few that I just couldn't get through. For whatever reason they didn't catch my interest and I didn't want to waste my time reading something that wasn't entertaining me in any way.

  4. If I can't get into a book, I put it down. Why sit through a book you don't want to read when you're next to a book you do?

  5. I don't finish a book if it doesn't interest me. I don't see anything wrong with quitting a book you don't like... life is too short to torture yourself when there are so many other GOOD books to read.

  6. i usually try to finish all the books that i start reading, and i have (with only one exception).

    i got the running man, and i like it so far. oh well, different things for different people

  7. I hate not finishing a book. And it may happen once....every 6 months...not even. I basically finish all books I start..and I cant read two at a time...

    I read this book called 'prep' ooh and I hated it with my guts...I was basically crying because of boredom, but I couldnt put it down because I felt guilt over whelm me for not finishing a book...

    but yeah.

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  9. I usually love everything I receive, but I have finally found a book that I may end up not reading. It's called The Hanging Woods- luckily, it came with a bunch of others, and I'll be reviewing those definitely, lol.

    But it's not bad if you can't finish it. If it's not to your taste, then don't continue reading it. No worries.


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