Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How NOT to Be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler

Sugar Magnolia Dempsey (Maggie for short) has never lived in one place for more than a year. Her hippie parents are continuously uprooting her from her school and her friends to move her all around the country. And she is sick of it. When they last moved, she had her heart broken because she had to leave behind her boyfriend who she thought she loved. But she's learned from her previous mistakes and now has a plan so that she doesn't feel the pain of moving ever again. She will try to avoid everyone at her new school. She will become as unpopular as possible so that when she has to leave, she won't be sad, she'll be happy to leave the place in which she was a social outcast. But what happens when her plan goes wrong and people start liking her in spite of her outrageous outfits and loud personality? Will her plan work?

Aw, I really liked this book. It was a funny, unique topic that had me cracking up all the time. People would give me strange looks whenever I would laugh outloud at the crazy thing that Maggie had done in that part of the story. You really can't help but enjoy her hilarious plight. I also loved how she becomes friends with the outcasts of the school without planning too. This book shows well how the dynamics of a highschool really work with all the cliques and the popularity hierarchy. I loved how we were able to see what might happen if that order was disrupted. I also liked how wacky her parents were and I think they were probably the funniest part in the whole story. I think that the author did a great job creating all of the characters. She got really in depth with them, which I liked a lot. I did find my self resenting Maggie at some points in the story for how selfishly she treated everyone around her, but thankfully in the end there was some kind of pennance for that. I think that the whole idea of this book was really heart-warming, cute, and entertaining. This is definitely a super fast, light read that I would highly recommend.


  1. I loved this book, too! I was reading it one day after I was done with a test before everyone else, and I kept cracking up. The teacher kept glaring at me lol. This is one of my favorite books though - I love books that can make me laugh. :)


  2. I lovedlovedloved this book. And I agree with Hope -- there were a ton of laugh-out-loud moments.

  3. Finally!!!!!!! someone who can review a book in a profecinal yet creative way. I like that you are a step ahead of the rest. You have an actual knoowlage of reviewing books, not just saying your opinion. Snaps and Claps for you. So for all the people out there that say i am mearly a cinical whitch with no taste, just look at this persons site and try to improve. I hope you continue to do great things.

    A fan of good books


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