Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Elite by Jennifer Banash

Casey McCloy was tired with her life in Normal, Illinois, so naturally she jumped at the chance to move to New York to live with her grandma. The exciting drama and the fashion filled world of the city is enough to pull anyone in, but once Casey gets there she realizes that she may just be out of her league. Making friends with the queen bee of the social scene, Madison Macallister seems like the right move, but when Casey starts crushing on Madison's on-again, off-again boyfriend Drew, things are bound to get a little tense. Can Casey survive New York and do it while keeping her measly reputation in tact?

So, I never really liked the Clique or the Gossip Girl series, and now I think that the Elite may just be my guilty pleasure series of choice. It seems to have a little more depth than the other series, but still has the same scandal and romance that every good gossip-style book needs to have. The characters are well thought out and each have their own personalities and quirks, which was great. I also liked that the plot, although semi predictable, had enough in it to keep you fully engaged and flipping pages. You really start to relate to the small town girl who moves to the big city and is swept away by it all. I love reading about characters that I can relate to, and this book definitely did that for me. So as I said before, I think that this is going to be my guilty pleasure series of choice from now on. I really did like this book, and I'm excited for the next one. Sorry this was such a short review, but I'm super tired...:P

The Elite will be released on June 3rd.

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  1. Good review! I have it on my list of books to read. :)


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