Sunday, December 14, 2008

Made To Last...The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - chapters 7 through 9

Yes, I did get another few chapters read! Yay!
Chapter seven:
-grave rubbings seem like they'd actually be really pretty and elegant if they were of old detailed grave stones. Kind of morbid, but pretty nonetheless.
-Buckley seems like a cute and perfect little boy whose life shouldn't have been dirtied by death. I hope his imaginary friend/sister thing ends up alright. 
-I love the parts when Susie tells different stories about her family. It really helps you to see the dynamic they had when she was still alive. Although the Buckley choking story is rather creepy.
-And I'm beginning to think that I don't like her heaven so much. It's kind of like the past is haunting her. That's not what I'd want to live with in my after-life.

Chapter eight:
-"Dreams of women and children." Yech. 
-Mr. Harvey fits the stereotype for murderers and rapists. People who had troubled childhoods and bad rolemodels.
-If he would have grown up with a complete family; if his father hadn't forced his mother out of their life, it would have turned out much differently.
-Have you ever thought about how the littlest actions can have this enormous ripple effect? Like if you look back in time to generations before you realize all the things that might have been done differently and therefore might have resulted in enormous differences today? Life is a series of circumstances.

Chapter nine:
-I'm in LOVE with Grandma Lynn. Completely and totally in love. She's the perfect eccentric, crazy, and amazing grandmother. Her antics might not have been all together welcome at other family gatherings, but now she's just the thing the Salmons need to cheer them up.
-And it works. She does make-overs, drinks, tells stories, and helps them all take a step closer toward acceptance.
-Lindsey better have some fun things in store for her. She's dealt with enough already.
-Aw, Mrs. Utemeyer. That's just too sweet. Here's that ripple effect thing again. I think it's nice that Lindsey and Susie kept her company in place of her daughter. 
-I don't know why they don't clean up Susie's room already. I wouldn't want to be near that room ever.
-Samuel, Samuel, Samuel.
-Clarissa is an airhead. She needs to get a life.
-Ray better have something good coming for him too. I feel sooo bad for him. He seems like the nicest guy.

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