Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I was tagged by Emily to share three of my New Year Resolutions. I have to tell you that I am totally horrible at commitment and none of these things will actually happen, but hey, dream big right?

1. Finish two books a week, eight books a month. Seems pretty doable, I know, but at the rate I've been going lately, that's going to be quite the stretch for me. 96 a year...woah.
2. Finish the academic year out strong. I've got pretty decent grades and I want to keep that going through the end of this semester in January and through the end of the school year. 
3. Make room in my busy life to LIVE A LITTLE. I want to get out there and do more things. Any kind of thing. Just do MORE.  :)

And I tag...
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Happy Almost 2009!


  1. I nominated you!


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