Saturday, March 21, 2009

About Me

My name is Liv/Olivia/Livvy...whatever you like. I am fifteen years old and I love literature.

It all started when my parents read to me every night before bed. My parents thought I could read before I actually could because I'd heard "Goodnight, Moon" enough times to be able to recite it by heart and flip the pages at the correct intervals.

I did eventually learn how to read and the first books I conquered were "The Berenstein Bears" and "Henry and Mudge". Over the years, I moved through The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and Harry Potter. Which is how I got to where I am now.

I read mostly contemporary YA fiction but will slip in a few "adult-ish" books here and there also. I'm continuously amazed at how much great literature is out there.

Other tidbits about me-

I'm in love with chai tea. It's fantastic stuff. Just not from Caribou. If you're at Caribou get a white hot chocolate because their chai tastes like water. Ish.

I live in Minnesota. That may not seem too interesting, but I'm in love with my state and my neighborhood. I especially love all of the Minnesotan/Midwestern jokes out there. I think they're hilarious. Because we really do say "ya shoor". Or at least I do.

I don't buy books. I use the library, get copies for review, and get books from bookmooch. I don't have enough money to do it any other way because seriously, have you seen the prices of books nowadays? It's ridiculous.

I am completely in love with American Idol. Especially the men on it. Adam Lambert in particular, even though he's gay. Why do all the hot guys have to be gay?! It's not fair.

My dream house is going to have an enormous trampoline in the backyard. I want to be able to bounce whenever I want. I used to get my fix on my friend's tramp but she got rid of it and I haven't been on one for almost a year. I'm still going through withdrawal.

My favorite movies are kid ones or old ones or ones from other countries. e.g. Wall-E, Ratatouille, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Let The Right One In, The Outsiders, etcetc.

I've developed a new love for snail-mail.

Want any other questions answered? Ask me in the comments. :)


  1. HENRY AND MUDGE!!! I totally forgot about those books until you mentioned them! I was totally addicted to them when I was younger.

  2. Yay we are the same age and I am also a Idol addict. I liked learning a little more about you.

  3. I love American Idol! And I'm (almost) the same age as you.

  4. I loved Adam's version of Ring of Fire, did you see that week?

    And also, you're only 14????? I thought you were like 20.

  5. Haha it sounds like we have a lot in common.. I live in MN, and I'm 14. What a kawinkydink.

  6. Yashoor?
    interesting :p

    Snail mail is da bomb *cough*
    when you're waiting for something important. then it sucks.

  7. Love the picture & the lighting. It looks kinda stormy. ;)

  8. Just bought 4 tix for the American Idol tour. Want to join me and Henry in CT in September? You'll get to see Adam from only a few rows back...

  9. Liv,
    I found your blog by following a link on Hope's Bookshelf. If you have any interest in reviewing any of our titles, please contact us.


  10. Dear Liv,

    My name is Chandru Bhojwani, and my book 'The Journey Of Om' was recently released. I would like to know if you would be interested in doing a feature on the given book, Thank you so much for your time.

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    The candles began to die one by one. They had served their purpose for that brief moment in time and finally reached their destiny. The sands of time continued to slip on by. The merlot mixed with my blood and the bitterness ran through me.
    Devastated by his beloved's betrayal, Om collapses both physically as well as emotionally and with that, begins his arduous battle for peace. Torn between love and anger, Om inadvertently starts to lose his grip on life as he knew it causing his world to spiral out of control.
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