Saturday, March 21, 2009


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  1. Get gmail. I love it after switching from Yahoo!

  2. Do you think you can add me?

    Wdebo :)

  3. Would you add me, please :-) I love your blog!


  4. Ahhhhh, feel horrible saying this... but it's Laina, not Lana. Sorry, I'm so OCD it's ridiculous. =/

  5. Will you add my blog please? (: It's called LiyanaLand.

  6. Would you mind adding me? I have you up on my sidebar....(: Thanks!


    (I don't know why I wrote that in caps. Yawn...I'm tired.)

  7. Hey would you mind adding my blog? Your on mine :). It used to be Variety Book Reviews but two of my other friends joined me and we changed it around.

  8. Dear Colleague -

    The 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION of the most scandalous book in Russian
    Literature has been just published:

    Alexander S. Pushkin Secret Journal 1836-1837

    ISBN 978-0-916201-28-9

    The hero of the work, Alexander Pushkin, presents in an encapsulated form his various sexual relations, his complex thoughts on life, the nature of sin, love, and creativity, as well as the complicated path that led him to his tragic end.

    The Secret Journal has incited and continues to incite the most contradictory responses reflected in three volumes of Parapushkinistika.
    Now published in 25 countries (, the Secret Journal deserves to be placed among the most scandalous works of Russian literature.
    In spite of the international success of Pushkin's Secret Journal lasting now a quarter century, no major U.S. publisher has dared to publish it.

    New French ( and Spanish ( editions of the Secret Journal are being published in 2011.


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