Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quite a Week

I tend to think that I'm a pretty boring person. No wacky family, no crazy drama, and no genetic mutations.

But I think I'm going to start posting a little bit about my week/life happenings here. It may be exceedingly dull. Just a warning.

Numero uno:
I went to see a play at our lovely local theater Thursday night. Two Gentlemen of Verona, 50's style. I loooved it.

Numero dos:
My dog ran away that same Thursday night while I was at the play. We've only had him for a month or two, AND, he didn't have a collar/tags on. We also live close to a big river, which in my mind = certain death by drowning. Needless to say, it was a horrible night for me. Insomnia and tears were involved.
He was found the next day. Sort of anticlimactic.

Numero tres:
I have a love affair with my neighborhood. It's the best place in the whole wide world, I swear. After school on Friday, my friend and I walked to the local cafe/coffee house and played bananagrams and drank chai. I felt so artsy.

Numero quatro:
I've been watching this music video on repeat for an hour.

I cry every time.

Numero quinte:
After reading this post I got all excited and went and cut out and painted my own cardboard hearts.
I wrote some little thoughts on them and have been leaving them places. I left an especially lovely one in the dressing room at my favorite mall store. :)

NOTE: I don't take Spanish. I don't know if those numbers are even close to being right. XD
EDIT: See? I got five wrong! Cinco! Oh and, cuatro, not quatro. Silly me.


  1. They're all right except 5...cinco!

    I'm so glad you found your dog!

  2. Amee's got it right - it's cinco. But then, it's cuatro, not quatro. (Sorry. Spelling's just one of my pet peeves.)

    And I love those hearts! I'd gotten really worried when I read that you'd lost your dog, but phew - you found him.

  3. You are so not boring! I'm so jealous of where you live, i live in the darn suburbs! I like that music video, how cute! I've seen the posters for that play around town, fun stuff!

  4. Great song! Thanks. Who is the artist?

    You just switched to Italian, I think. :)

  5. I think everyone secretly, or openly, thinks they're boring. Unless you're super conceited:)
    Jonas Goslow is quite handsome as well lol:)


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