Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bits 'n Pieces - Deborah Kerbel

Deborah Kerbel's debut novel, Mackenzie Lost and Found, came out last November and since then has received tons of glowing reviews. Her next novel, Girl on the Other Side, is due out this coming November. You can visit Deborah's website here. Enjoy the interview!

This or that:
Rain or shine?
Shine! Rain makes me sleepy…and then I end up napping instead of writing.
iPod or mp3 player?
iPod – but my husband and I share it and somehow I only get my turn when the battery needs charging.
Movies or TV?
Well I love movies, but they’re expensive since my husband and I need to hire a babysitter every time we go. So I’ll have to say TV by default (but usually I’d rather be writing).
City or country?
City to live…country to visit.
Mountains or beaches?
Beaches – as long as I’m in the shade (I burn to a crisp when I’m in the sun).
Dots or stripes?
Dogs or cats?
DOGS! Cats freak me out!
Cooking or eating out?
Eating out – I’ll do anything I can to avoid cooking dinner!
Coffee or tea?
Both – I must absolutely positively have a hot drink on my desk when I’m writing! I don’t usually care what it is, as long as it’s hot.
Books or magazines?
Books, baby! Magazines make me nervous – they’re so much about nothing.

Book -
Such a hard question! But I’d have to say Fugitive Pieces, by Anne Michaels
Book store –
Sorry, I plead the Fifth!
Movie –
Probably Sense and Sensibility…I love anything Jane Austen.
Music artist -
The Beatles (Paul fan here).
Website -
Ha! -- of course!
Designer –
Um…who’s designing for Old Navy these days?
Coffee chain –
Deb’s CafĂ© (where I make my fabulous home-brewed cuppa)
Guilty pleasure –
I’m secretly and hopelessly addicted to America’s Next Top Model. Oops – guess it’s not a secret anymore.
Restaurant -
Mata Hari – a fabulous Malaysian restaurant in Toronto
Color -

Have you ever:
Lived abroad?
Yup – I was born in London, England and moved to North America when I was two.
Gotten a tattoo?
Never – I’m petrified of needles!
Stayed up for the midnight release of a movie or book?
No – nothing keeps me from my 8 hours.
Disliked your job?
Yes – before I became a writer.
Cried during a movie?
Definitely! IMHO, the best movies are the ones that make you cry!
Sang karaoke?
Once…under intense pressure…with a group of people…hating every second!

If you were on a desert island, what 5 things would you bring with you?
Sunscreen, a notepad, a pen, my husband, and our (shared) iPod.
What’s on the list of things you have to do during your life?
Swimming with dolphins – which I did a couple of years ago. It was fantastic!
If you could have one super power what would it be?
Flying, for sure!
What’s your perfect music playlist?
I look for the same thing in music that I look for in books – something that stirs my soul and carries me away.
What’s the one food you could eat day after day and not get sick of?
Mint chocolate-chip ice cream on a sugar cone.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
To Africa for a safari.
What moment in history do you wish you could’ve experienced?
Hanging around Florence during the Renaissance would have been pretty cool!
What does your dream library look like?
One of those old English, dark wood libraries with bookcases stacked up to the ceiling and a tall ladder on wheels to access the highest shelves. Of course, each shelf would be filled with all of my bestsellers (hey, this is a dream…right?)
When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head first?
I motor to the YA section to check out all the cool new covers…and to turn my book face out for everyone to see.
If everyone had to read one book, what would you have it be?
My book! Because, if everyone in the world bought a copy of Mackenzie, Lost and Found, I could finally get my own freakin’ iPod!


Thank you sooo much Deborah!
I have to agree with you on the Old Navy thing. That store is pure genius.

ALSO. This interview marks the last one of its kind, at least in this format. From now on, they're shorter, there's more variety, and there may be some Halloween pictures. So yeah, be on the lookout for that. :)

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