Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday #12 - We Were Here by Matt de la Pena

The story of one boy and his journey to find himself. When it happened, Miguel was sent to Juvi. The judge gave him a year in a group home—said he had to write in a journal so some counselor could try to figure out how he thinks. The judge had no idea that he actually did Miguel a favor. Ever since it happened, his mom can’t even look at him in the face. Any home besides his would be a better place to live. But Miguel didn’t bet on meeting Rondell or Mong or on any of what happened after they broke out. He only thought about Mexico and getting to the border to where he could start over. Forget his mom. Forget his brother. Forget himself. Life usually doesn’t work out how you think it will, though. And most of the time, running away is the quickest path right back to what you’re running from.
(Summary from Amazon)

Sounds like a pretty good guy-ish book, right? If done right, I think that the character development and analysis could turn out to be awesome. And breaking out of jail? That's right up my alley.


  1. Wow, this sounds really good. Guy perspectives are always interesting to read. :D Plus I love the title- We Were Here. I'm definitely going to look into it when it comes out. Great pick!

    - Alex

  2. Read a review copy of this and it is all that and more. Tremendous novel. Truly awesome. You're going to love it!


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