Saturday, May 16, 2009

Booking Through Thursday/Saturday #34: Gluttony

On Saturday

Book Gluttony! Are your eyes bigger than your book belly? Do you have a habit of buying up books far quicker than you could possibly read them? Have you had to curb your book buying habits until you can catch up with yourself? Or are you a controlled buyer, only purchasing books when you have run out of things to read?

YES, my eyes are bigger then my belly.
No. I don't buy books. Or at least very rarely. Too much money for a broke high school student. Although I do mooch a lot of books, if that counts.
I'm hoping to stop getting books for the summer - library, bookstores, bookmooch, and review copies included, because I need to read what I have. Thankfully summer's coming up so I'll have more time to read. I'm hoping to make a pretty big dent in the pile in the three months of delicious freedom that are coming up. Because what else is there to do but read?

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