Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exfoliation 2

This week I decided to go through my horribly large magazine stack and weed out any thing older than six months. So now I have six magazines left. And a few newspapers. And some yearbooks. It's much better than it was. The trash pile is below...

I also went through the trashed mags to see if there were any fun pages. The ones that I liked, I tore out and folded into envelopes. So now anyone getting a letter from me receives it in style.

To counteract all of this cleansing and productive goodness I bought some stuff too. Bad me.


  1. I should totally clean my magazine pile out... Everytime I go to do so though, I end up deciding they're all worth keeping. It's utterly pointless.

    Cute dress btw.

  2. I used to do that, too--make envelopes out of magazine adds so they were more colorful. Old calendars are also great for that.

  3. That's very creative! I have a ton of great pages that I save from Vogue, Allure and even Seventeen magazine haha. Maybe I'll do that.


  4. how do you make envelopes out of magazine pages?

    Also, I love that purse! Where is it from?!

  5. Actually, I wish I had more magazines... I make buttons out of pictures, you see. Plus magazines are just fun to look at. :-) Cleaning everything out though is such a great idea. I'm way too much of a packrat to ever get rid of my stuff though.

    Oh, and the dress is too cute. :]

    - Alex

  6. I keep all my magazine. I always have those collage projects in school so I take them out when needed. But I think I will recycle some once university rolls around. Maybe do something creative with them!

  7. That is such an awesome idea about the envelopes =)

  8. I love the envelope idea! How do you fold the pages so that it lays flat nicely? I would love to know how to make the envelopes.


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