Monday, July 6, 2009

A Summer List

8 things I love about the summer.

1. Eating burgers and hot dogs and potato chips and potato salad and jello and and and.

2. Being able to get my belly tan.

3. Wearing flip flops on a daily basis. Especially the cheap Old Navy ones that mold to your foot after enough use. Yum.

4. Biking everywhere. Hearing the hushhush of the pedals and feeling the world rush by.

5. Listening to Christmas music.

6. Fruit smoothies!

7. The odor of sunscreen that emanates from everyone you pass.

8. Anticipating the school year. Twisted? Yes.


  1. Old Navy flip-flops always remind me of summertime. Nice list. :)

  2. You've inspired me!

  3. Christmas music, huh? :)

    Great list.

  4. I have put sunscreen on, on a very cloudy and quite cold March day (when it rained), before, just 'cause the smell reminded me of summer. Sad, I know.

  5. I always make fruit smoothies during the summer. :) And Christmas music? I sometimes listen to it during spring or fall, but never summer...


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