Monday, July 27, 2009

Some R&R

For these next two weeks I'm going to be a little in-and-out.

I left Saturday morning to spend the week at my cabin and will be back "in town" Thursday night only to leave Friday morning on a plane to Arizona.

I have a few posts scheduled but no reviews because I didn't read far enough in advance for that. I will not have that much access to internet this first week but I'll try and get a review or two scheduled during the one night I'll be spending near wifi. No promises though. And I'll also try to get a few things scheduled for the second week too during my short layover at my own house.

But while there's all this uncertainty please just bear with me. I promise there will be tons of good stuff happening when I get back online. Pictures from the Grand Canyon, footage of my screeching while I learn to drive a motorized vehicle, pretty pictures of the peaceful lakeshore, and of course about a bajillion reviews because what else am I going to do with my two unwired weeks but read?

So yeah. That's my little state of the union for you guys. See you soon.


Pour your heart out. :)