Thursday, July 16, 2009

A List - pro and con version

The pros and cons of possibly, maybe, if I'm lucky, having a job during this school year.

Pro -

1. Money.
2. Good working experience.
3. Money.
4. Looks good on college apps. Apparently they look at job and working related stuff more now.
5. Money.
6. It's close so I wouldn't have to get a ride or take a bus. I could just walk/ride the bike.
7. Money.
8. It's across the street from a delicious and cozy coffee shop. I could befriend the cute baristas there. I could be one of those people that come in and have a drink already made for them because they come in on the same days at the same times and order the same things. That would be nice.
9. Money.
10. It's the public gathering place. I could see people I wouldn't normally see. It would be fun to be recognized.
11. Money.
12. Free popcorn and movie tickets.

Con -

1. It would be time consuming.
2. School is important to me. I like being good at it.
3. It would cut into my social life a little bit. Not that I'm much of a butterfly to begin with. But still.

You make the conclusion.


  1. I worked during my last 2 and a half years of high school. It wasn't bad, and the money was nice. It was probably easier for me, though. I had zero social life to begin with. :P

  2. I've never had a job during the school year, but I want to get one this year. I would at least try it out and see how it meshes with school and friends. If it doesn't work out, you can always quit.

  3. I never had a job in high school. No, I did ballet for 25-35 hours a week (plus working out in the gym 2-4 hours a day). Looking back on it, I think that I would have benefited from a job much more than ballet. The funny thing was I was an office aide in the Career Center and I was the one who processed all of the work permits for every student who had a job. So, I knew that if I wanted a job I would be able to process my work permit the next day (rather than waiting a couple of weeks-- the stack was always huge!).

    Anyways, if school really is important then I think that #4 on your Pro list is a good reason why you should get a job. I know of a lot of friends that were asked about their job in their college interviews.

  4. Get the job Liv! Think of how much the money can benefit you.


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