Saturday, July 25, 2009

Exfoliation 3

This week I really got into the cleaning/exfoliating spirit which is extremely rare. I re-organized some stuff in my room, filed papers, and through away a shopping bag full of random crap I had sitting around. I don't think the random crap really qualifies as a true exfoliation though so I also went through my dresser and decided to throw out five different shirts that I don't wear any more either because I just don't like them or I grew out of them. So ta-da.

I only bought one thing this week - a roughed up big brown leather belt but I gained a lot of life experience. I got a schmancy debit card, a driver's permit, and I submitted my first ever real job application. I feel like everything just changed so fast this week. Just seven days ago I was a young lass who used only cash, was toted around by her parents in the old station wagon, and whose sole source of income was babysitting and allowance. I'm growing up guys! *sniff*


  1. Aahhh, brings back memories of me growing up.. T__T <3

  2. OMG please tell me you didn't throw out the Lovely Threadless shirt, like in the trash! Do you still have it or did you completely trash it? I would love to make a purse out of it!


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