Sunday, June 22, 2008

And I'm Out

Yes, you heard me. I'm leaving. But only temporarily and unwillingly. Don't worry. Well it's not exactly unwillingly that I'm going on a month long trip to a foreign country, because that's going to be totally awesome (And I'm not telling you where I'm going because I want to see if you guys are going to be able to guess from the pictures I'm posting when I get back. Ha. Better study up on your world landmarks.). It's unwillingly that I'm giving up my internet and therefore my blog while I'm away for that month. I'm going to be traveling tons while I'm gone and it just wouldn't really be worth it to have random and sporadic posts that would maybe or maybe not contain reviews because I might not actually have time to type up something of any quality. So with that thought, I have provided you readers with the delight of reading a new review around every four days while I'm not actually posting. Is that cool or what? I just figured out how to use that scheduled posting thing and I'm loving it. So while I might not actually be visiting my blog much or any during the next month, you guys still get to "hear from me". Technically speaking.

And don't worry, I'm taking a bunch of books with me to read. I'm hoping to get a ton of reading in, although I have a feeling that I'm bringing a book or two too much because I'm thinking that there is no way I'm going to get sixteen books finished in a month. I'm just not that efficient. But you can still look forward to a huge wave of reviews from the list of the following books when I get back:
Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood
How I Found The Perfect Dress by Maryrose Wood
The Second Virginity of Susy Green by Sara Hantz
The Queen Geek Social Club by Laura Preble
Queen Geeks in Love by Laura Preble
Smart Boys and Fast Girls by Stephie Davis
The Secret Life Of A Teenage Siren by Wendy Toliver
Perfect Cover by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Killer Spirit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Book of Luke by Jenny O'Connell
Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess
Leftovers by Laura Wiess
So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld
I Was A Teenage Popsicle by Bev Katz Rosenbaum
Model by Cheryl Diamond
La Petite Four by Regina Scott

Wow that's a long list. And I had to bring all paperbacks also because of the weight limits that they have on bags nowadays. I'm trying to pack light. It's an unsuccessful attempt sadly. But be sure to look out for a whole slew of reviews around late July. I hope that I'm able to read a majority of those books to make it up to you guys for leaving. I'm so sad! And I'm also hoping to have a big contest when I get back also, so you should definitely look out for that.
Enjoy my scheduled reviews (commenting on them might score you a few extra entries in the mysterious contest later on), and wish me luck as I brave jet lag, foreign food, and a bunch of people who won't understand English! :P See you guys soon!


  1. Smart Boys and Fast Girls is a wonderful book. :]

    Have fun on your vacation. :]


  2. Have a safe and wonderful vacation, Liv!

  3. Have fun both reading and scoping out alternate borders :) Be safe.


  4. I'm so glad you're reviewing Such a Pretty Girl! That book is absolutely amazing, and so wonderful.


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