Friday, June 13, 2008

Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler

Eliot lives at a North Carolina bible camp for fat kids with his overly religious father and now distant mother. Things are bound to go wrong when your dad dedicates his whole life to God and money and tries to steer you through your teen years by spouting religious proverbs spontaneously. Enter, Calliope, the gorgeous redhead who has many problems of her own, some of which include a distant father, a self-centered jouster, and a mother who could care less about her own daughter. After one chance meeeting, Cal and Eliot feel a powerful connection and realize that maybe them being together was meant to be. They understand each other and are able to get past the other person's outside to the complex inside. With that kind of chemistry, only good things can happen right? Wrong. Almost everything that could go wrong does. Can Cal and Eliot work through all of the difficulties that are thrown their way and find a way to be together?

First of all, I just have to point out that the town of Olivia, Minnesota was mentioned in this book as being home to gigantic corn. When your name and your state are mentioned in a book, it has to be good, right? Right! Yay! This book really couldn't be much better. There were little plot confusions and character flaws, but basically, the story was amazing. It was original, quirky, enjoyable, funny, marvelous, and adorable. I especially loved the side character of Abel. I think he added a great other aspect to the story I think he was one of the guys that was written the best. He seems just like the kind of father figure that any of us would want. I also loved the two main characters of course, except for the fact that they were perfect! Sure, their situations had big problems, but they themselves couldn't seem to do anything wrong which was one of the tiny things that annoyed me, strangely. I want characters that do things wrong and make misakes. Instead, Eliot and Cal worked through all the problems with grace, realistic-ness, and perfection. Grr. Of course that could be counted as a good thing too because it just added to the overall flow and marvelousness of the book. One of the other things that I loved about this book was the chemistry that they had. You could tell that they were just meant to be together and I think that the two authors worked really well together in making that whole relationship seem realistic. All in all, I think that Scrambled Eggs At Midnight is your perfect summer read, full of fluff, romance, cuteness, and happiness. Go read it now.


  1. I've had this one on my shelf for awhile. I thought it looked really cute but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'll definitely have to pick it up soon!!!


  2. Great review!! I really loved this book!!


  3. ooooh - sounds good. I love books about bible camp. I've been to so many of them :)


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