Monday, June 2, 2008

Violet on The Runway by Melissa Walker

Violet has been a wallflower for as long as she can remember. Her main goal for her senior year was to attract as little attention as possible which isn't as easy as it sounds when you're stick skinny and tower over everyone else. And then the one thing that Violet never expects to happen does. She's offered a chance to break into the biggest and most dramatic industry out there; modeling. After only a little bit of consideration, she jumps right in and feels like modeling is really her calling. Her popularity and status back at her high school skyrocket as does her career. In New York, they're always looking for the hot new face and Violet just happens to be the owner of that face. At first, everything seems to be going as planned, but as time goes on, Violet starts to realize that the nonstop scrutiny, partying, and self-conciousness are wearing her down. Will she be able to stay true to herself while doing the one thing that she felt she was meant to do?

I loved this book so much! The only thing I'm sad about is that I waited so long to read it. I've been hearing rave reviews about the Violet series and now that I finally got around to them, I have only good things to say...for the most part. I think the only thing that could be improved upon was the characterization. I felt like we didn't get to know some of the side characters as much as I would have liked. They all seemed interesting and I just wish that we got to see more of the characters than we did. Other than that, this book was truly delightful. Y0u have your totally realistic, understandable, and adorable main character who gets offered an opporunity that all of us would love to have. The plot is great, Violet is created beautifully, and all of the details and minor things about the modeling industry are accurate and entertaining. I haven't read a book before that went so in depth with the setting and background of the plot in a long time. It was cool to read about something fresh that I was completely clueless about. I'm not much of a fashion guru so I liked being able to hear more about that kind of stuff. Also, I liked the fact that the whole modeling world in the book wasn't the sugar-coated fairy princess industry that many people think it is. It was neat to be able to see that world from the inside out and actually get inside the heads of some of the people who are living in that separate universe. I am completely looking forward to reading the next book in the Violet series and I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It's enjoyable, cute, realistic, and engaging. It's got all of the elements that a good book needs! And to add to all of that, the author is a super nice and truly fantabulous lady! So I guess that means that you should go out and pick up your copy of Violet on The Runway ASAP.


  1. I definitely want to read this! I like what you see about modeling through the show Ugly Betty it's funny but also truthful (at times!)It looks so fun!

    Melissa seems like a really nice person and the covers are pretty awesome!

  2. Been meaning to start this series! Have heard great things about it!

    We've added you to our blogroll, would you be willing to do the same?!




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