Friday, July 25, 2008

Back in Business

Yup, that's right. I'm finally back! And I'm really excited about that. I missed my blogging, my books, reading reviews, and basically being connected to the internet! I did get a few books read while on my vacation and so now there are eleven new reviews up. It took me a while to get all of them written as I had decided to slack off and not write reviews down for the books. So when I got home, I had to write eleven new reviews, some dating a month back. So I apologize for any inaccuracies, spelling or details wise, on those. Also, I've decided to stop writing up my own plot summaries because I have a feeling they sucked, and I hate writing them. I'm going to be getting them either from Amazon or the back of the book now. And don't feel obligated to read all the reviews if you don't want to. That's a lot of reading to do. :D

On to non-book related matters, I had a great time on my trip. That's the longest I've ever been away from home. Here are some pictures:

The first picture is actually taken at midnight. No joke. The sun never set.
The second picture is of me wading in one of the last untouched rivers in that country. You could drink out of it. Which we did. It was delicious water.
The third picture is of a field at twilight. I just thought it was really pretty. :P
The fourth picture is a sign for a library! I actually got some books at a shop there, in a foreign language, but cool nonetheless. I got Twilight, New Moon, and Audrey, Wait! They also had a lot of Meg Cabot books, and I did see a copy of Airman by Eoin Colfer. But overall, they don't have a ton of YA fiction there, foreign or American.
The fifth picture is of some really cute street musicians playing at a public fountain. They were really good and the whole vibe of the square was wonderful.
The sixth picture is of the changing of the guards at the royal palace. That was a very cool thing to see
(Wanna guess what country I was in? Leave your guess in the comments, and if you're right, you might be rewarded later on...)

I don't know if you guys are at all interested in my trip or pictures, but if you want me to post more, I will. I had a ton of fun!

The next subject of this exceedingly long post is how clueless I currently am. I came back and had over 1,000 posts on my google reader. I read through a few of them and found some cool stuff; like how the second Twilight trailer came out! What do you guys think of it? But I decided that it would take forever to read everything, so I didn't. I'd love it so much if you guys would let me know about some of the cool stuff that's happened over the last month. Any good reviews, contests, posts, info, that I need to know about? Please, please, please fill me in!

And lastly, the contest that I've been foreshadowing for, oh, about 2 months, is in the works, I promise. Look for more info on that in about I week, I hope. Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my Summer Hiatus Reviews, I appreciate it a ton. And now that I'm back home, look for more reviews, more often!


  1. Sweden?

    I have always wanted to vistit there.

  2. Sweden is my guess, too. Stockholms slott, right?
    That's after Googling, I didn't have a clue on sight. :-)

  3. glad you're back :) and the pictures are beautiful.

  4. You have some great reviews. I added you to my blogroll. Oh, and welcome back. :)

  5. Oh, I was going to guess Norway . . . which is right by Sweden. *shrugs*


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