Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Hiatus Review - Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman

Geena wants this summer to be the best ever. She has a fun summer job already in the box, so the only thing left is to find a few gal pals to pass the time with. She really wants things to work between her best friend Amber and her cousin Hero, who's coming to town for the summer, fresh from boarding school. But can a girl who has a reputation as the school slut and a girl who's lounging in a posh palace really co-exist? I think not. Then, John, the senior valedictorian and all around school god sets his unwanted sights on Hero when it's really Amber who's dying for his attention. Add in a adorable Italian exchange student and another guy who happens to be Geena's arch enemy and you've got yourself a summer full of good times at the beach sipping on lemonade, right? Wrong. When the wrong person gets blamed for doing a horrible act and a certain desirable guy's secrets get let out, the chaos really starts and no one knows what's the truth and who to trust anymore. Will Geena be able to salvage the summer for some quality pedicure parties with her two friends or will confusion and mayhem rule?

First off, I must say that I am in love with the cover to this book. Not only is it scratch 'n sniff, but it's adorable. I love all the little curlicues, the hot pink color, the heart in the coffee, the font, everything. And the headers on the pages of the book are the cutest. If only every book was as aesthetically pleasing as this one. And for the most part, the book matched the cover. This is definitely the book you want to pick up if you are looking for a beach read. It's the definition of fluff and mindlessness. But not in a bad way. You can pick it up and just read. You don't have to think about the story, and while you're doing your non-thinking, you can get into the book too. The characters are cute, although semi-unrealistic. The plot is unplausible, but fun and enjoyable at the same time. And the writing, I think, is the best part. Jody Gehrman was able to write this book in a way that will draw anybody in. She's got her tone, her jokes, her references, and her whole style down pat. I loved reading something that didn't take any getting used to or analyzing. I was able to jump into the flow of the book from the first page. The other thing that I liked a lot about the book was the plot. And yes, while many of the things that happened are entirely unrealistic, they were made to seem like they might actually happen. It was light, enthralling, and laugh-out-loud funny. And for me, that's basically all I need in a book, so I stand satisfied and ready for a future barista job perhaps. :D


  1. I just finished this and really enjoyed it. Definitely fun. :)

  2. Great review! I really liked this book. From experience I can say that being a barista is pretty fun (to me anyway lol).


  3. Loved this book too- great review!!


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