Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (vacation read)

We are all around you.You don’t think about us much, because we are invisible. Well, not exactly invisible. A lot of us have hair dyed in four colors, or wear five-inch platform sneakers, or carry enough metal in our skin that it’s a hassle getting on an airplane. Quite visible, actually, come to think of it.But we don’t wear signs saying what we are. After all, if you knew what we were up to, we couldn’t work our magic. We have to observe carefully, and push and prompt you in ways you don’t notice. Like good teachers, we let you think you’ve discovered the truth on your own.And you need us. Someone has to guide you, to mold you, to make sure that today turns into yesterday on schedule. Because frankly, without us to monitor the situation, who knows what would get crammed down your throats? It’s not like you can just start making your own decisions, after all.
Ever wonder who was the first kid to keep a wallet on a big chunky chain, or wear way-too-big-pants on purpose? What about the mythical first guy who wore his baseball cap backwards? These are the Innovators, the people at the peak of the cool pyramid. Seventeen-year-old Hunter Braque is a Trend setter, on the second level of the pyramid. His job: find the newest, coolest thing for the retail market. His MO: observe, don’t get involved. But from the moment he meets Innovator Jen James, he can’t help getting involved in a big way. Part love story, part mystery, part stinging satire, Scott Westerfeld’s new novel will make you question everything you’ve ever believed about how to be cool.
(Summary from back of book)

I've been wanting to read this book for a long time. Because knowing Scott Westerfeld, it had to be good. I've read all the Uglies books, the Midnighters books, and the Peeps books, and fell in love with them, and thankfully that didn't change for So Yesterday. The one thing that cracked me up about this book was how Hunter kept talking about how he came to New York from Minnesota and how he had to change all his Minnesotan ways to actually become cool. Ah, boy. Do us northerners really have such a bad reputation as being hicks? Sure, Target is our favorite store, we bundle up in hideous parkas to brave the frozen winters, and use the term Uff Da on a daily basis, but I didn't think we were so uncool as to be referenced in a book all about coolness. I think that's really funny! And a book that makes me laugh is a good one for sure. I loved, loved, loved So Yesterday because of its whole vibe. It subtly draws you in and uses a bunch of radical ideas to keep your attention. I enjoyed thinking about the innovators, the jammers, the Hoi Aristoi. If that stuff was actually real, would I even know it? It was neat to get a peek of what could possibly happen behind the scenes of pop culture as we know it. The writing was smooth, the characters were created with detail, and the ending was great; possibly left open for a sequel? I hope... I highly recommend So Yesterday. It will captivate you, spark your interest, and make you think about things you never thought you'd have to think about. :P

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  1. i just finish peeps!!! i cant wait to get so yesterday i bet its awesome!!


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