Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Hiatus Review - When It Happens by Susane Colasanti

Sara wants her senior year to be great. She wants good grades, an acceptance to her college of choice, and a guy who's the real thing. Tobey goes into the year with one goal; get Sara. But from the beginning, Sara has her eye on the wrong guy. Dave's cute, yes, but he's also immature, pushy, and quite dumb. But dating Dave gives Sara newfound status as someone worth noticing. Tobey knows that he has to rescue the poor girl from the clutches of a weasly guy, but how to do that? One thing's for sure, asking your best guy friend for "getting the girl" advice does not work; as Tobey learns when he falls up the stairs trying to get Sara to notice him. But little does he know that she does notice him but doesn't know what to do as she's dating the king of the grade. Will Sara and Tobey be able to make it work between them or will life get in the way?

This was a good book. Very good. I think that Susane Colasanti's whole writing/plot style is rather like Sara Dessen's except she doesn't deal with as heavy subjects has Sara does. And I think the whole lightness of the story is what made it so great. It was a real story; it was something that you could totally picture happening, but it also just kind of swept you away into happy land as you watched this magical romance unfold. Tobey and Sara were the most unlikely match and yet somehow, against all odds, they ended up together and infinitely happy. It's definitely a nice and optimistic plot that will appeal to anyone. We all want to be told that no matter what, we'll find that special person, and this book shows that anything can happen and with anyone. One of the high points of the book was the characters. They were all really in depth and real to me which is the most I could ask for in a book. I love having characters that are flawed and yet still relatable enought that you root for them throughout the entirety of the story. For the most part, When It Happens is your ideal beach read. You might have to do a little bit of thinking here and there, and there might be a small instance of heart break, but it all adds to the overall charm and wonderfulness of the book. I highly recommend it if you want a story that you can just sit down and dreamily get lost in. And don't we all want that every now and then?


  1. aww..this book sounds cute/romantic...

  2. I LOVED this book and I'm eager to get her newest one soon as I can. :) I agree - it does really sweep you off into happyland.

  3. I really want to read this book as I loved her newest one, Take Me There. But my TBR pile is so huge right now that I won't be able to get to it until who knows when.

    Great review!

  4. I read this book and I disliked it. Susan Colasanti is a bad author with a weak storyline. The book had a predictable plot with awful characters. The way the book was written resembled dialogue rather than articulate sentences. I felt that Sarah, who was supposedly smart in comparison to her grade, did not act or think intelligently, which made me wonder how stupid the other characters truly were.


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