Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How I Found The Perfect Dress by Maryrose Wood (vacation read)

On a bike tour of Ireland last summer, Morgan Rawlinson fell for Colin, the hunky guide, and entered a portal that turned her into the goddess Morganne. Now she’s back to her painfully normal life and her relationship with Colin has fizzled to the occasional e-mail…until he writes saying he’s coming to Connecticut—just in time for the prom.But when he arrives, he’s exhausted. It seems that when Morgan crossed the portal as Morganne, a spell was cast on Colin. In his dreams he’s being forced to dance ’til dawn with the faeries, who want to boogie with him for eternity. Somehow she has to break the spell on her date, help plan the prom, and find the perfect dress. Oh, what a night…
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I don't think this book was quite as good as the first one. We've still got our spunky heroine who gets into loads of magical and real world drama. we've still got the cute leading man who is witty, handsome, and has a delicious accent. And we've still got our energetic plot that's loaded with twists, which although far-fetched, add a certain charm to the story. The thing that's lacking is something that I'm not really able to put my finger on. I think it might be that this whole book is just a continuation of the last one. And to that you might say; well isn't that what the second book in a series is supposed to be? And I'd answer; well...to some extent, yes, but really it shouldn't be. I like it when a sequel keeps references and characters from the previous book yet still adds a whole new dynamic to the story. Like the addition of a new main character, or perspective would have been nice. I just felt like all of the magical fantasy, Colin is cute, Morgan is wacky, stuff was getting a little old. I wanted a new book that would bring something different to the table than the first one did. But yes, this book was good and enjoyable, and even though it might have been lacking something I would've liked it to have, I can't deny that it was still a fun and light book that will captivate you just like the first one did. I love my fluffy books so I'm hoping the third one will satisfy me a little more than this one did.

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  1. I've been wanting to read this series for a while and now that I've read another of Maryrose's books (My Life: The Musical), I really want to check them out.

    Great review!!


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