Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Going on a Bear Hunt

Not really. 
I'm just taking a short little trip up to the northern woodsy regions of my state for some quality hiking time to appreciate the pretty changing colors of the leaves. That probably means that I won't be posting until Monday unless the little inn that we're staying at miraculously has wireless. 
You can expect a review or two to be posted upon my return. I'll definitely have time to read on the drive so I'm hoping to finish Song of the Sparrow and take a crack at the greatly lauded Hunger Games. I'll have time to flip some pages.
And I'm also hoping that I'll get to take some pictures of the pretty leaves that are everywhere right now. Don't you just love the fall? Last weekend I decided to take a stroll back to my kindergarten days and make one of those wax paper iron pressings of leaves. Haha. I have it in my window now. It actually looks really cool. :P
Anyways, I'll see you all in a few days! 


  1. Ooh! You should come visit me!!! Hehe. Nah, you probably don't want to drive 6 hours to go to the middle of nowhere. Unless you want to go across the river to Canada to go to Wal-Mart?

    Have fun!

  2. Hope you have a fun and safe trip! :)

  3. *sings* We're gonna catch a big one... =P

    Hope you have fun!


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