Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh Boy!

The new and last Twilight trailer has arrived. The first two trailers were slightly disappointing to me, but this last one looks pretty decent. I'm really looking forward to going to the movie at its midnight premiere with a bunch of my friends. It doesn't hurt that Robert Pattinson is a babe. 
What are your thoughts on him? The movie? Think you'll see it at midnight?


  1. I will definitely be there at midnight. I don't think the movie's going to be as fantastic as the book but it still looks alright. Rober Pattison- eh. He's neither hot or ugly to me. He's just ok but that's just me.

  2. After seeing the 1st trailers I have been dreading my promise to see this with my friends, but this trailer gives me hope :) I'm looking forward to the movie now. I'm not sure about Robert either-I'll have to wait and see his acting skills.

  3. i've been worried until i saw this trailer, now dare i say i'm excited! i most definitely will be seeing it at midnight!

  4. I'm going to watch it at midnight with friends for the camaderie and fun. We don't entirely believe it'll be a good movie, but eh, we'll just go to Kerbey Lane for pancakes after if it sucks.

    I think RP is a babe, and have since I first saw him a Cedric Diggory.


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