Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bits 'n Pieces - Lauren Myracle

So I'm sure you've all heard many things about the marvelous Lauren Myracle. She is the author of the recently released suspense novel, Bliss as well as a number of other books. I have yet to read Bliss but doesn't it look just amazing? Look for a review super soon because I don't think I'll be able to keep my greedy little hands away from this book. And if you don't have a copy immediately with you, you can visit Lauren's site and read up about her and her books. I hope you enjoy the interview!

This or that:
Rain or shine? 
Dude. Shine FO SHO. Now, I love me a rainy day, too, but I am a sunshine girl all the way.
iPod or mp3 player?
iPod--and a bit snobby about it as I go with Macs on every stand (shame on me!)
Movies or TV? 
Both! Though sadly not enough of either...
City or country? 
Oh Lord. Both. I like to *think* of myself as a downhome country gal, but I actually get really energized by the hustle and bustle of a city. You know what? I'm going to go with SMALL TOWN. Yes, a delightful small college town would be my pick...
Mountains or beaches? 
Beach! Beach! But it has to be on the Atlantic. Pacific = waaaaay too cold.
Dots or stripes? 
Dots. More whimsical.
Dogs or cats? 
CATS. (I think dogs are very sweet, but I'm not good with slobber.)
Cooking or eating out? 
Uh...ordering in.
Coffee or tea? 
Ew. Gross. Dr. Pepper, please.
Books or magazines? 
BOOKS, you crazy goose!!!!!

yeah, right, like I can pick just one
Book store-
Oxford Books in Atlanta, now defunct. Sigh.
Harold and Maude. Or The Graduate. Or Mary Poppins. Or The Parent Trap, original version. Or Dr. Strangelove. Ack! You're making me want to go watch all of these again!!!!
Music artist-
Today? That guy with two J's...what's his name? Jack Johnson? +smiles hopefully+
Plop. I have no idea. I don't think I have one.
+laughs at the idea of being that hip+
Coffee chain-
Aye-yai-yai. Starbucks. +ducks to avoid tomatoes thrown by anti-Starbucks peeps+
Guilty pleasure-
Mo's Bacon Bar: applewood smoked bacon + yummy milk chocolate, all mixed together in one delish candy bar! Mmmm!
Hrm. This really swanky Thai place in Atlanta that my parents take me to when I'm in town. Can't remember the name. But the servers all wear gorgeous Thai dresses!
sea mist green. Also, sparkly pink. Also, warm brown.

Have you ever:
Lived abroad?
Yep. Japan.
Gotten a tattoo? 
Yep. Two.
Stayed up for the midnight release of a movie or book? 
No--lame, eh?
Disliked your job? 
PAST jobs, sure. I once worked at a mental hospital for the criminally insane and got pee poured on me (not mine). But I feel amazingly lucky to get to write and be paid for it!
Cried during a movie? 
Oh, honey-babe. ALL THE TIME.
Sang karaoke? 
No! But I will if you take me out...

If you were on a desert island, what 5 things would you bring with you? 
My husband, my son, my other son, my daughter, and a loaded-to-the-max Kindle.
What’s on the list of things you have to do during your life? 
Be in the moment. Embrace and enjoy. ;)
What’s the one food you could eat day after day and not get sick of? 
Peanut butter M&Ms. And I do, and I don't.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
Africa! Safari, baby!
What moment in history do you wish you could’ve experienced? 
Ack. Too deep for me. Sorry!
What does your dream library look like? 
Gleaming wooden bookshelves that magically fill themselves with every book I want PLUS bonus books that I don't know I want, but do, and that will make me stretch as a human.
When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head first? 
Der. Young adult/kids section! ;)
If everyone had to read one book, what would you have it be? 
Well, I'd want them to love it. I'd want it to be a gateway drug, heh heh heh, so they felt compelled to read more! And more! And more! It would have to be accessible and fun and good for both sexes, and it couldn't be off-putting at all. So with that in mind...ack. I'm stressing now. This isn't good. I'm going to go with...Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus by Mo Willems. Gateway drug!!!!!
Thanks so much, Lauren! Those were some seriously awesome answers. 
And yes, you can win a signed copy of Bliss and a Mo's Bacon Bar this week! But there's a catch. This little giveaway is going to require some work. 
1. Post the trailer of Bliss on your blog with a linky back to this interview. Or if you don't have a blog, spread the trailer around to your friends. Force them to watch it, post it on message boards, facebook, twitter, etc.
2. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your spread-age of the trailer or a very detailed account of how you spread it outside of the internet world. Also in that comment, give your opinion on "movies or TV". 
And if you follow those simple guidelines you will be entered! And because this is such an awesome giveaway we're going to have it run until next Saturday the 22nd instead of having it end on Wednesday. Enter away!


  1. I have to agree that Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus by Mo Willems is a gateway drug. I didn't leave Border's until after I'd read all of the books they had there by Mo Willems. The little kids thought i was crazy. What kind of big kid reads little kid books? The cool one! That's who!

  2. Oh I like shine too! Yesterday, it was raining and it was so depressing and blahh. Although I LOVE summer thunderstorms.

    I would love to win a copy!

    1) My friends (2 of them) and I were hanging out today an I showed them the trailer AND the interview. Plus they reallly like to read horror so they were really interested. Especially, when they discovered books have trailers! lol

    2) Movies or Shows? I say Movies. I can't keep up with the scheduled TV Show days. lol

    The Book Fanatic 101

  3. For the first requirement I forced both of my sisters and my mother to watch it; after my sister watched it she said that she wanted to read it!

    For the second, I think I'd say movies, but I do have my television shows that I watch almost every night.

  4. I completely agree, coffee and tea are gross!

    1. Posted the link to the video (since I'm technology challenged the video didn't work) here

    2. I prefer TV because you only have to wait a week or so to see what happens next, rather than wait a few years for a sequel!


    i love twitter.

    anyway ! HI! i LOVE lauren myracle
    and i would really like to win the book . :D

    i looovee movies.. and my favorite you ask?
    SWEENEY TODD! its amazing
    and if lauren myracle made a movie out of one of her books then that would automatically be my favorite :D

    i see people posting their emails so i feel like i should also so here it is:


  6. Awesomeee. I want to read this one so bad. First, I posted the video and linked to here:

    As for TVS or MOVIES, I guess movies, b/c i love going to them and seeing the new ones...i watch tv, but i only really care about a select few shows.


  7. The video is posted here:, but my tech skills suck and there's just a white box and a link to your interview.

    Cool giveaway!

    I prefer movies to TV because there just aren't that many shows I watch, and when I do they're usually on DVD and thus count as movies. I'm a total movie geek - I like 'em old, new, cult, or blockbuster.

  8. I posted a link to this site and talked about how bliss is totally fantastic on Laurens Message board. I pinned the thread so people will see it whenever they go to Laurens site. I also have told my school librarians about it and they have agreed to buy a few copys for our school! I also posted a link to this on my blog at

  9. Here's my entry:
    It's on my Myspace blog and I'm making all my friends go and check it out and post it elsewhere. My e - mail's and my name's JJ. I have to go with movies instead of TV. I don't like TV.

  10. Requirement Uno:

    That's my blog, and I have the trailer on my most recent post "Ignorance is "Bliss.""

    Requirement Dos-
    Movies or Shows?
    Truthfully, it depends. If I had to pick one for the rest of my life. It's be hard. My first instinct is a movie , but then the tv shows bring me back to the suspense lingering in the next episode.

    Bottom line though: Probably,movies. And if possible box sets of my favorite shows. =]

  11. I want Bliss!!!

    I posted the trailer here:

    It's my new blog!!! But it's not going to have much on it until at least next month because I'm so busy.

    And as for movies vs. TV, I don't watch much TV. Not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm too busy with other stuff, like the internet and books. And once I get into routines it's hard to change them. But I love watching DVDs on my computer! I think movies are pretty much superior to normal TV, but with TV shows, there is usually more content to see, and movies are shown. So both are good, but I try not to let either of them take over my life.


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