Friday, November 28, 2008

Booking Through Thursday/Saturday #13: Thankful

On Saturday

Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. 
Now, you may have noticed that the global economy isn’t exactly doing well. There’s war. Starvation. All sorts of bad, scary things going on.
So–just for today–how about sharing 7 things that you’re thankful for?
This can be about books, sure–authors you appreciate, books you love, an ode to your public library–but also, how about other things, too? Because in times like these, with bills piling up and disaster seemingly lurking around every corner, it’s more important than ever to stop and take stock of the things we’re grateful for. Family. Friends. Good health (I hope). Coffee and tea. Turkey. Sunshine. Wagging tails. Curling up with a good book.
So, how about it? Spread a little positive thinking and tell the world what there is to be thankful for.

7 things I am thankful for (may not be the most important or in order or anything like that):
1. The fact that I live four blocks away from my school and can walk every day. It's nice to choose for yourself when you wake up and what time to leave the house. And I'm not contributing to global warming either.
2. My old geezer of a dog. He's great. Big, furry, happy, and always smiling.
3. The comforter on my bed. It's white, covered in pretty black flowers and it's nice to have a hint of summer in my room.
4. Books/the library/my blog/literary things. All of that stuff helps to keep me occupied and passionate. I really LOVE books and I'm glad that I've found something to focus on. And something that's beneficial and helps me become a more rounded person; unlike video games or TV.
5. Chai tea. I love coffee, but I don't think I could deal with having that bitter stuff every day and so instead I drink chai which is like the drink of the gods. Vanilla, cinnamon, spices, cream. YUM.
6. My family. <3
7. Music. I hate silence. It bugs me to no end. I always have to have something to listen to. Right now it's "The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs," with Ingrid Michaelson, KT Tunstall, Sara Bareilles, Meiko, Fiona Apple, Colbie Caillat, Lenka, and more. Now that Thanksgiving's come and gone, I have to get into my Christmas mode. :)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and took some time to think about what you're thankful for! 
And now the countdown to Christmas begins...


  1. I love Sara Barielles! She's absolutely amazing.

  2. P.S. I love your banner and pretty much your entire layout.

  3. I've never had Chai Tea before! Where is the best place to get it?

  4. Just Blinded: I know, right?! She's such a great artist. And thank you!

    Emily: Let's see. Best is at my neighborhood cafe. :P Second would probably have to be starbucks and then dunn brothers. You definitely need to try it! You'll fall in love with it. :)

  5. Seriously - how GREAT is that holiday song by Meiko?! "Maybe next year I'll be good, maybe next year I'll be better" - that's my holiday motto!

    The rest of her music is great too - is where you can hear more

  6. Anon: It's AMAZING. I also love Lenka's song. and just cuz I loved that Meiko song so much I got her CD. And it's so great!


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