Sunday, November 16, 2008


The holiday season has been slowly creeping up on us for the past month or so. The chain stores have begun to carry decorations, ornaments, stockings, and winter themed clothes. The Christmas music has been playing nonstop on your favorite radio stations. And in the midst of it all the literary industry is struggling to survive. As a reviewer and a penny pincher, I get most of my books for free, either through the library or because of review copies. I haven't purchased a book in quite a while, which I have started to feel rather guilty about. I love books, I love this whole industry and yet I haven't made a contribution. And for that reason I will be buying books for people these holidays. I'm going to go out to my local indie and do all my present shopping in the form of books. It not only serves to give the publishers a little extra boost but it also helps to spread the love of reading around. What could be better? 
If you want help with suggestions for what books to get people or want to sign up for the cause, visit this blog
Also, I'm having a little trouble thinking of adult books to get my family members. If you guys have read any good adult lit lately, feel free to leave me a few suggestions in comments. Anything goes; I'll be buying for an enormous variety of people and I want to find something for everyone. :) 
Buy book for the holidays!

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  1. I really adored The Smart One and the Pretty One which is a chick lit book. Holidays on Ice is a good humor pick! Do they people you are buying for have any certain interests?


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