Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight the Movie

Yeah, I went to Twilight at midnight this morning/last night. I felt obliged to to do it because if you think about it, this whole series is the book-ish sensation of my generation. Harry Potter was a teensy bit before my time but I am right smack dab in the middle of the Twilight audience, age-wise. Us teen girls get excited easily...
When I first read the book, I think it was 2 or 3 years ago, before all the hype happened. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book mainly because of the fact that no one knew about it. I kept reading and the second and third books didn't disappoint, but the fourth book seriously dampened my love of the series. The screaming girls are getting a little old, Stephenie Meyer's annoying me a bit, and with all the excitement and build up, I thought the movie was going to be somewhat of a let-down. And I know that I just sounded incredibly pessimistic there but that was to build up to my saying that I actually did enjoy the movie. Quite a lot.
It's been a while since I've reread Twilight so I wasn't really looking out for how closely in paralleled the book's plot, but from what I remember of it, it was pretty decent. I think they had some exact lines in there and some of the events were made to be identical to the book. That was probably quite a feat for the writer because if you think about it, Twilight is one of the cheesiest books out there. And I personally think that Bella is a relatively weak female character and in the movie they succeeded in giving her a touch of attitude and snark. 
Character wise, I think the choices were good. My favorites were Billy Black, Charlie, Angela, and Rosalie. Kristen Stewart also did a nice job as Bella, sticking pretty close to her description in the book. I was a little disappointed with Robert Pattinson though. When he was first cast, I was in love with the decision because he's quite the cutie. Don't get me wrong, he did a nice job, but the only scene in which he radiated Edward-ness was when he was wearing his black sunglasses and making snarky comments about the students at the school. That was my favorite scene by far. I think he was a little overly broody for me. And the little fairy dust sound effect that accompanied his sparkling made me gag. He is hot though. Which makes up for it a little bit. :P 
The special effects in general were a little bit cheesy...I wish they would've worked more on making the fast running actually look realistic. And the jumping/flying looked completely fake. The sparkly skin thing wasn't as ridiculous as I thought it was going to be which is amazing because I think a lot of us were wondering how in the world they were going to pull that off. And I actually kind of liked that part. Although you only get to see him partially shirtless. :( Disappointing eh?
Overall, I think the movie is pretty good. Definitely worth a watch. Lovers of the book will like it a lot and I'm excited to see what the sequels turn out to be like. I think they'll be good if this first movie is any indicator. :)
Did you guys like it? What are your thoughts?


  1. i'd have to say that i agree, i think people are going a little overboard expecting it to be some life altering movie, when it's obvious it wasn't going to be that from the start... it was entertaining, that's what movies are supposed to be. i like it. it was cheesy, it was fun.

  2. Alea; have fun! let me know what you think!
    Story Siren; AMEN.

  3. I'm glad to hear it's good! I've been hearing it's both bad and good. I'm thinking I'll be one who thinks it's good. :)

  4. "Don't get me wrong, he did a nice job, but the only scene in which he radiated Edward-ness was when he was wearing his black sunglasses and making snarky comments about the students at the school"

    That was my favorite part too.

    And about the running/flying... I agree that it could have been a bit better.

    I'd say that I agree with basically all you've said about it =D

  5. I went to midnight showing also, and the fangirlish shreaking at basically every new scene killed a lot of my excitement. I read the books before all the hype also and thought the movie was gonna be cheesy to the extreme.
    And still, I really liked it. I loved the little added in things with Charlie and how unexpectedly funny it was. It was great :)
    And about what Story Siren said, someone brought one of those lifesize cardboard cutouts of Edward to the theater with them, which is the height of overboard!

  6. HI Liv!

    I was going to see the movie yesterday but I had to go to my cousin's birthday party! I haven't read the book so I guess it's better if I read it first! I bet the movie was AMAZING!

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