Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waiting on Wednesday #1

I'm really just completely changing my whole blog around aren't I? 
I've decided to start participating in the viral meme thing called Waiting on Wednesday because it's way cool to see what new books are coming out and what people think about them. Don't you think so? 
But you always have your "Bits 'n Pieces" feature on Wednesday, Liv! 
Why yes I do, and we will still have that. Only WoW and BnP will alternate weeks so there's no super feature overload thing happening. That way we're all satisfied. :)
Is this an okay change? Possibly? 

And first choice is:
Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti
Friendly and popular
Style: Cali surfer boy
Awesome at flirting
Future career: landscape architect
Boyfriend potential: high

Shy but sweet
Style: totally geeked out
Only talks to girls when absolutely necessary
Future career: robotics engineer
Boyfriend potential: none

Derek is clearly the boy Marisa's been waiting for, but there's just one problem. He has a girlfriend. Nash is wrong for Marisa, but he wants to take care of her. As if life wasn't complicated enough, Marisa's also dealing with overcoming a major problem from her past, a family that's acting totally bizarre, and a secret crush on a guy whose identity is a mystery - even to her.

Sophomore year is going to be intense.

I've read one of Susane Colasanti's books before, When It Happens, and loved it. Her other book, Take Me There, is high on my list of books to read. She just writes such great light fluffy novels that surprisingly have a hidden hint of depth to them. Perfect for a warm summer day, sitting in the sun with your girlfriends, eh? 
And the characters in this book seem like they'll be pretty amazing. I love a classic underdog story and I also have a secret thing for nerdy guys so Nash looks like my kind of character, exactly. I'm hoping that this jock-ish Derek guy doesn't ruin his chances. :P
Then you have the little surprise at the end of the summary which tells of a mysterious guy who's captured Marisa's heart before she even knows who he is. Three guys now! Yikes! But that should make for good juice and drama, right? Yes!
Even the cover is great. So simple, pretty, romantic, and peaceful.
I'm uber excited for this book to come out...on July 9, 2009. That's waaaay too far away. But I shall sit and wait patiently because Waiting For You promises to be amazing. :)


  1. Ahh! I still need to read When It Happens. All her books sound amazing, and I love the covers as well! They all go well together, faceless people! LOVE IT!

  2. It looks good!

    I also want to read When It Happens. I haven't heard anything good about Take Me There though.


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