Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Miraculous Discovery

Have you guys noticed how I've been doing a bunch of completely non-book related posts lately to cover up for the fact that I've been reading at the pace of a snail? Well this is another one of those, but it's a cool one, I promise.
This week I discovered one of the coolest companies EVER. Really. Maybe some of you guys have heard of Threadless? It's a t-shirt company unlike any other. All the designs for the shirts are made by and voted on by users. Some of them are really unique and fun and I myself can't imagine ever being able to create designs like that. 
I just ordered myself a shirt and I'm super excited for it to come! If any of you have bought a shirt from Threadless, how do you like it? And if you haven't, you should definitely go check out the site. Let me know which designs you like!
My shirt design:


  1. I absolutely LOVE Threadless. It's so awesome. I have four of their shirts. I love them so much. I wear them all the time. xD

  2. I love that site! About two years ago I was obsessed with voting for the designs! A bunch of my friends have the shirts and they like them. Some of them are so hilarious!

  3. Oh never heard of this website! And I just opened the link and there are some really nice looking T-shirts.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  4. I'm so glad you posted about this! I hadn't heard of them but I totally want to get one now!!

  5. Threadless is awesome. I have two of their shirts.


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